The Best Children’s & YA Books of March

The Best Children’s & YA Books of March post thumbnail image

Springtime is the best time of the year! The days get longer, the temperatures rise, and fresh new books come your way! From colorful picture books about big dreams to action-packed adventures for tweens and teens, March has plenty of exciting reading material in store for you. Weve combed through all the titles hitting bookstore shelves and collected the best and brightest books on this list. Without further ado, here are the best childrens and YA books to read this month.

  • Picture Books

  • by Robyn Wall, illustrated by Lydia Nichols

    Many parents of young children rely on their morning coffee to help them meet the days demands. This adorable board book celebrates every cup of joe and all the love that goes into it. Gentle humor and colorful artwork make this book a must-have for any caffeine-dependent parent. Check out the rest of the My Cool Family series for titles like My First Book of Travel and My First Book of Beards.

  • Hope Is a Rainbow

    by Hoda Kotb, illustrated by Chloe Dominique

    Vibrant, colorful, and hopeful Hoda Kotbs new picture book is a gorgeous reminder to reach for the stars. Kotb is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and co-host of NBCs TODAY, and her new title encourages children to stay positive while they work toward their dreams, big or small.

  • Look How Much Ive Grown in KINDergarten

    by Vera Ahiyya, illustrated by Joey Chou

    Spring is an excellent time for making goals and tracking progress. In this book, a teacher helps their kindergarten class create a growth chart for their accomplishments. Whether a child wants to learn a new skill or grow a couple of inches, they can track their progress on the chart. This sweet book reminds readers that everyone has unique goals, and theyre all equally important.

  • Whats Inside a Birds Nest?

    by Rachel Ignotofsky

    The latest title in the nonfiction Whats Inside series takes curious young readers inside a birds nest. From building the nest to hatching chicks, readers will learn everything they need to know about their little feathered friends. Ignotofskys stylized illustrations and humorous text make this an excellent read for budding scientists.

  • Bros

    by Carole Boston Weatherford, illustrated by Reggie Brown

    Award-winning children’s book author Carole Boston Weatherford’s latest is brimming with Black Boy Joy. Follow a group of Black boys for a day of friendship and play. With spare text and vibrant illustrations by Reggie Brown, this timely and uplifting book celebrates the innocence, worthiness, and fun-filled childhood experiences of Black boys.

  • I Am Extraordinary

    by Stephen Curry, illustrated by Geneva Bowers

    NBA superstar Stephen Currys second picture book is about a girl with hearing loss who wants to try out for the soccer team. Like his first book, I Have a Superpower, this title encourages children to embrace their unique qualities, work hard, and trust themselves. Its perfect for young athletes of all abilities.

  • Bluey: Queens

    by Penguin Young Readers Licenses

    Bluey and Bingo love playing make-believe, and today, they are queens! Everything goes smoothly until they both want to play the same role in their game, leaving the role of monarch empty. But how can a kingdom function without its queen? Fans of the popular television series will love this sweet book about imaginative play.

  • Ready to Soar

    by Cori Doerrfeld

    From the creator of the New York Times bestseller The Rabbit Listened comes a story about trusting yourself. When Riley builds a paper airplane, birds start offering unsolicited advice. But these adjustments dont work, leaving Riley with a plane that wont fly. It takes a supportive friend and newfound confidence for Riley to create a successful paper airplane.

  • Mahogany

    by JaNay Brown-Wood, illustrated by John Joven

    Mahogany is on her way to Grandma’s house when she comes across a hungry wolf. Good thing she’s smart and clever enough to outsmart him! A fresh and inventive retelling of Little Red Riding Hood that celebrates Black Girl Power.

  • You and the Universe

    by Stephen Hawking and Lucy Hawking, illustrated by Xin Li

    In 2020, famed mathematician and professor Stephen Hawking posthumously delivered a final message: To ask questions about the universe and work together to find answers. This picture book is an illustrated adaptation of that essential message that readers of all ages will appreciate. It encourages children to be curious about the Earth, the cosmos, humanity, and the future.

    (On sale: 3/26/2024)

  • Mams Panza

    by Isabel Quintero, illustrated by Iliana Galvez

    This body-positive picture book celebrates panzas (bellies) of all shapes and sizes. A young boy loves his Mams panza because it is soft, warm, and the perfect place to snuggle. This delightful story shows readers of all ages that bodies are wonderful and everyones panza is perfect the way it is.

    (On sale: 3/26/2024)

  • The ABCs of Trash with Oscar the Grouch (Sesame Street)

    by Andrea Posner-Sanchez, illustrated by Ernie Kwiat

    I cant think of a better monster to teach children about trash than Oscar the Grouch. After all, he lives in a trash can. Get ready to giggle as Oscar guides you through the alphabet, teaching little readers their letters and trash-related vocabulary. Colorful artwork, snappy text, and humor will make this alphabet book an instant storytime favorite!

    (On sale: 3/26/2024)

  • Lost Stick

    by Anoosha Syed

    Milo the dog goes on a globe-trotting adventure in this colorful picture book. When his owner throws a stick too far, Milo desperately searches for it and wanders further and further away from her. As he explores the furthest reaches of the globe, Milo realizes that no adventure (or stick) can compare to being with his best friend.

    (On sale: 3/26/2024)

  • Chapter Books & Middle Grade

  • Max in the House of Spies

    by Adam Gidwitz

    Adventure and espionage collide in this humorous and action-packed historical novel. As Berlin becomes more volatile for Jewish families, Maxs parents send him to London for safety. Hoping to return home and find his parents, Max accepts a job as a British spy. He sets out on an unforgettable journey with two (possibly) imaginary humanoid creatures on his shoulders. This heartfelt novel promises young readers an educational reading experience they wont forget.

  • Down to Business: 51 Industry Leaders Share Practical Advice on How to Become a Young Entrepreneur

    by Fenley Scurlock and Jason Liaw

    Young people with entrepreneurial dreams will find lots of advice, encouragement, and guidance from industry leaders in this book. Kids will learn what skills they need, how to test ideas, and how to get started on monetizing their ideas. Its a must-have book for any young person hoping to start a business.

  • Penny Draws a Secret Adventure

    by Sara Shepard

    Kids love this graphic novel series about a young girl who draws to cope with her anxiety, and theyll be thrilled to get their hands on the third installment. In this book, Penny deals with school and family drama until she finds a treasure map in the attic. She and her friends follow the map around town, searching for the hidden treasure. Series fans and new readers alike will want to pick up this sweet story!

  • Kira and the (Maybe) Space Princess

    by Megan Brennan

    Fashion meets fantasy in this vibrant graphic novel about a girl whose wish goes awry. Kira makes a wish on a shooting star, which is granted in the form of a sparkly, fashionable Caticorn from outer space. At first, Kira is thrilled with this development, but as the glitter settles, she realizes that Caticorn and middle school dont mix. This book is perfect for kids who enjoyed Katie the Catsitter!

  • Paper Dragons

    by Siobhan McDermott

    Fantasy lovers will obsess over this gorgeous middle grade novel about a girl who trains as an apprentice to the immortals. Dragons, sabotage, and evil spirits send Zhi Ging on an epic adventure to save the world and everyone she cares about. This fast-paced fantasy novel will keep your young reader glued to the page.

  • ChupaCarter and the Screaming Sombrero

    by George Lopez and Ryan Calejo, illustrated by Santy Gutirrez

    Jorge and Carter are back in their third rib-tickling adventure. In this installment, three ancient artifacts conceal the location of the infamous El Dorado treasure. But when the artifacts go missing, Jorge and Carter set out to find them, bring the thieves to justice, and (hopefully) find the treasure. Humor, suspense, and surprising plot twists make the latest book in the series a sure-fire hit!

  • Exclusion and the Chinese American Story

    by Sarah-SoonLing Blackburn

    Young historians can learn about Chinese American history in this informative new nonfiction book. The narrative takes readers from the first Chinese immigrant in 499 CE to the railroads in the 1800s and beyond. Kids will learn how Chinese Americans have contributed to the countrys economy, industries, and history.

    (On sale: 3/26/2024)

  • YA

  • The Encantos Daughter

    by Melissa de la Cruz

    YA powerhouse Melissa de la Cruz combines Filipino mythology with the fallen royal trope in her newest fantasy novel. When her father, the king, dies under mysterious circumstances, MJ Rodriguezs position as heir becomes tenuous. With everything on the line, MJ teams up with a knight from a rival court, hoping to find her fathers killer, claim the crown, and fall in love. This book is the first breathtaking novel in a planned duology.

  • Last One to Die

    by Cynthia Murphy

    London and drama and murder oh, my! Niamh is spending the summer at the Victorian Museum in London, where she hopes to complete her Drama Course and meet cute boys. But a serial killer in the city is targeting girls who look like her, and spooky things start happening at the museum. This fast-paced slasher novel will keep you reading well past midnight!

  • One Last Breath

    by Ginny Myers Sain

    Head to a small Florida town in this supernatural thriller from the bestselling author of Dark and Shallow Lies. Twenty years ago, someone murdered two best friends. Now, besties Tru and Rio grow obsessed with solving the cold case. As they dig up dirt on their town, the girls cause a stir and gain a stalker. They must solve the case and bring the killer to justice before history repeats itself.

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