13 Stunningly Beautiful New Picture Books

Sometimes you pick up a picture book for the story, but sometimes it’s the illustrations that grab you — illustrations that make you stop and pause for an extra minute or two to pore every detail and marvel at how stunningly gorgeous they are.

These new picture books do just that. You’ll never tire of looking at these beautiful illustrations, no matter how many times your child wants to read the stories. You might even be tempted to buy a second copy so you can frame some of the art too!

no no 9780593405192 Lost Stick by Anoosha Syed

The author of the popular children’s book That’s Not My Name brings us another adorable book that tickles the heart of any animal lover. Louise loves her dog Milo, and he loves her, too. When Louise throws a fetching stick too far for Milo to find, Milo is determined to retrieve the object to make Louise happy.

9780425290149 Party Rex by Molly Idle

Tea Rex by Molly Idle is my favorite dinosaur children’s book, so I’m delighted to see this adorable follow-up on bookstore shelves. Rex is turning ten and cannot wait to celebrate. Join him at his birthday party with games, cake, and presents!

9781536223200 Back Home: Story Time with My Father by Arlène Elizabeth Casimir, illustrated by Ken Daley

Lune loves listening to the stories her father tells. His words transport her back to where he grew up in Haiti. The stories are filled with emotions, both good and bad, that envelop Lune’s heart. This beautiful book is about family and the bond between fathers and daughters.

9781662640285 Mermaids’ Song to the Sea by Dianna Hutts Aston, illustrated by Renée Kurilla

This picture book is a must-read if you love books that rhyme, things of the sea, and gorgeous illustrations. Three mermaids close out the day by cascading through the ocean and singing blessings to each sea creature, both great and small.

9780593619650 The Artivist by Nikkolas Smith

I love a good picture book showcasing how one person can make a difference. When a young boy combines his talent for art and his knack for activism, he becomes an artivist and creates art to change the world.

9780593462485 Exactly as Planned by Tao Nyeu

Most picture books give one point of view, but I love that you get to read both Moose’s and Fox’s experiences in this reversible story of friendship and spending time together.

9781838749002 Is it a Seed? by Emily Ann Davison, illustrated by Adriena Fong

Two young friends find a seed and use their imaginations to dream up all the things it can become. As it grows, the children’s curiosity and wonder take hold, and their dreams about this single seed bloom into something magical.

9780593176528 What’s Inside A Bird’s Nest? by Rachel Ignotofsky

It’s always fun to find a good non-fiction book that will grasp a child’s attention through text and illustrations. Find out all there is to know about birds, their nests, and eggs with this gorgeous picture book!

9780593708989 The Wild by Yuval Zommer

From the author of the cutest Christmas book, The Tree That’s Meant to Be, comes a wonderfully bright and beautiful environmental story about the Wild. It focuses on everything the earth has given us and how humans can return the favor by caring for the environment.

9781536222517 My Mother’s Tongues by Uma Menon, illustrated by Rahele Jomepour Bell

As the daughter of immigrants, 16-year-old Sumi is amazed at her mother’s ability to switch back and forth between two languages. Throughout this story, Sumi recounts her mother’s immigration story and how she possesses two tongues.

9780593380093 The Spark in You by Andrea Pippins

The Spark in You celebrates being yourself. Your spark shines through your actions and is something others experience when you are your authentic, true self. Full of bright, bold illustrations, this picture book makes an excellent milestone gift.

9781611809916 Weather Any Storm by Zuisei Goddard, illustrated by Paddy Donnelly

Imagine yourself as a ship in the sea. Sometimes getting tossed to and fro, while other times quietly floating along and enjoying the ride. This book does a wonderful job of showing waves of emotions and how to navigate big feelings.

9780593616420 Mamá’s Panza by Isabel Quintero, illustrated by Iliana Galvez

A mamá’s panza is important. It takes care of babies before they are born. And now, Mamá’s panza is the soft place to land when cuddling or feeling nervous. This sweet book celebrates bodies of all shapes and sizes and the connection between mothers and their children.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in 2016 and was updated in 2024.

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