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With Easter quickly approaching, it’s a good idea to have some basket stuffers in mind, and nothing makes a better (or less sugary) gift than a book. Add special stories of love, hope — and, of course, bunnies — to your little one’s Easter basket and share joyful moments of reading together all through the year. Here, I’ve compiled over 40 of the best Easter books for kids, any of which would make a great addition to your child’s Easter basket.

  • by Sophie Beer

    The bright colors and vivid energy of this adorable oversized board book make it a wonderful read for spring. From planting trees to recycling, an inclusive cast of little activists remind young readers of the small but mighty ways they can make an impact on our planet.
    (Ages 0 – 3)

  • The Great Big Easter Egg Hunt

    by Beatrix Potter

    Peter Rabbit is an Easter-time favorite, and tiny readers will love this new board book starring the mischievous bunny. With flaps to lift and eggs to find, babies and toddlers will want to read it on repeat. Little readers will also enjoy this classic stories gift set featuring some of Peter Rabbit’s friends.
    (Ages 0 – 3)

  • When Moon Blooms

    by Aida Salazar, illustrated by Caribay M. Benavides

    Just as a plant grows from a seed, so too does the moon grow in the night sky. This lyrical bedtime board book uses Mexican Indigenous wisdom to explain the phases of the moon and its influence on our own natural rhythms. Spanish words interspersed within the text make this a beautiful and heartfelt story for bilingual households.
    (Ages 0 – 3)

  • Easter Egg Countdown (Pat the Bunny)

    by Random House, illustrated by Gillian Flint

    If you love the classic touch-and-feel book Pat the Bunny, you need to add this Easter-themed board book to your book collection. Babies and toddlers will love helping the bunny count and hide his Easter eggs.
    (Ages 0 – 3)

  • Happy Easter!: A Touch-and-Feel Playbook

    by Ladybird, illustrated by Lemon Ribbon Studio

    Babies who love textures can’t get enough of this adorable touch-and-feel Easter board book. Bright colors, endearing characters, and interactive elements make it an irresistible holiday read.
    (Ages 0 – 3)

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  • Count on the Easter Pups! (PAW Patrol)

    by Random House, illustrated by MJ Illustrations

    Everyone’s favorite pups are helping Adventure Bay get ready for Easter. Along the way, Skye, Chase, Marshall—and your little one—will learn how to count from one to ten!
    (Ages 0 – 3)

  • Llama Llama Easter Egg

    by Anna Dewdney

    The board book versions of the Llama Llama books are a great way to introduce babies and toddlers to Llama Llama and the wonderful talents of Anna Dewdney. Here Llama Llama gets lots of treats from the Easter Bunny: jelly beans, colorful eggs … and something else!
    (Ages 0 – 3)

  • If You Met the Easter Bunny

    by Holly Hatam

    This adorable board book brings every child’s fantasy about meeting the Easter bunny to the page. Little readers will learn how to dye an egg, dance the bunny hop, and get a peek inside the Easter bunny’s magic basket.
    (Ages 0 – 3)

  • Cheep! Cheep! Chick

    by DK

    Roxie is one very chirpy chick. She loves singing and playing music for her friends, but shhh! they’re all enjoying some quiet time. When will she get to make some joyful sounds? Your own little chicks will love joining in on the noisy fun with this adorable board book.
    (Ages 0 – 3)

  • Open the Easter Bunny's Door

    by Random House, illustrated by Jannie Ho

    Visit the Easter Bunny’s home with this interactive board book. Hunt through the colorful illustrations and lift the flaps to find a variety of Easter treats hiding in the house. It’s the perfect book to get you and your little one ready for the big day.
    (Ages 0 – 3)

  • Ploof

    by Ben Clanton and Andy Chou Musser

    This endearing picture book invites readers to play along with an adorable and rambunctious cloud friend named Ploof. Say hello, clap, blow, shake, wave, or make a funny face — kids will delight in seeing how their actions affect the little cloud, both physically and emotionally.
    (Ages 2 – 5)

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  • Duck & Goose, Here Comes the Easter Bunny!

    by Tad Hills

    Duck and Goose are back again and ready to celebrate spring. They’re determined to find the Easter Bunny, and have some thoughts (of course) on how to do it. But can they succeed?
    (Ages 2 – 5)

  • That’s My Carrot

    by Il Sung Na

    Two neighboring rabbits consider themselves expert gardeners when something strange happens – a giant carrot sprouts up on both sides of their fence! Who does it belong to? A sweet and silly book about competition, bunnies on bulldozers, and sharing. Bonus: fun underground tunnels for littles to follow add an interactive element to the story.
    (Ages 2 – 5)

  • The Smell of a Rainbow

    by Dawn Goldworm

    Created by one of the world’s most sought-after fragrance designers, this delightfully scented board book offers a fun new way for kids to learn about the colors of the rainbow. Little ones will have fun exploring the scent of lovely lavender, citrusy orange, spicy red peppers, and other wonderful smells.
    (Ages 2 – 5)

  • The Easter Egg

    by Jan Brett

    This beloved Easter tale is now available in board book format for baby bookworms to enjoy. Jan Brett’s story of a lovable bunny who displays remarkable kindness offers a great message for the season and the gorgeous illustrations are sure to enchant.
    (Ages 3 – 5)

  • Bluey: Easter

    by Penguin Young Readers Licenses

    When Bluey and Bingo wake up on Easter morning, they don’t see any treats from the Easter Bunny. Did he forget them? But soon, they find a clue that leads them on a fun and adventurous egg hunt. This is one Easter they won’t soon forget!

    And younger readers will love the lift-the-flap experience of Bluey: Hooray, It’s Easter!

    (Ages 3 – 5)

  • Pick a Perfect Egg

    by Patricia Toht, illustrated by Jarvis

    From the creators of Pick a Pine Tree comes a beautiful picture book about Easter eggs. The story follows a little girl who visits a farm, selects the best eggs, and takes them home to decorate. Later, she hunts for plastic eggs filled with candy and toys. This colorful book is a gorgeous celebration of the holiday’s traditions.
    (Ages 3 – 5)

  • The Rabbit Listened

    by Cori Doerrfeld

    The Rabbit Listened is a beautiful lesson on empathy and kindness. After something sad happens, Taylor doesn’t know what to do. The other animals try to help him out by telling Taylor how to act, but their advice doesn’t help Taylor feel better. But when rabbit arrives, and sits quietly and listens to Taylor, it makes all the difference. Sweet illustrations and poignant text make this book the perfect salve for whatever ails you.
    (Ages 3 – 5)

  • I'm Growing Great

    by Mechal Renee Roe

    Celebrate everything spring offers with this beautiful picture book from the author of Happy Hair and Cool Cuts. Rhythmic text, vibrant illustrations, and an upbeat message make it an excellent choice for nature lovers of all ages.
    (Ages 3 – 7)

  • The Serious Goose

    by Jimmy Kimmell

    Serious Goose refuses to laugh, which will have your young reader in stitches as they do everything in their power to make this goose giggle. This hilarious picture book by late-night host Jimmy Kimmel is a fun family read!
    (Ages 3 – 7)

  • Elijah's Easter Suit

    by Brentom Jackson, illustrated by Emmanuel Boateng

    This is a story full of style, sass, and significance as a young Black boy searches for the perfect Easter church outfit. Elijah searches the town’s stores for that just-right suit, coming up short each time. Thankfully, his elders help him find the courage to create his own Easter masterpiece.
    (Ages 3 – 7)

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  • Hope Is a Hop

    by Katrina Moore, illustrated by Melissa Iwai

    Resilience and hope combine in this uplifting picture book about a girl trying to grow a garden and the rabbit who keeps eating it. Stunning illustrations, rhyming text, and a heartwarming surprise make this book a seasonal must-read for every child!
    (Ages 3 – 7)

  • Bare Tree and Little Wind

    by Mitali Perkins, illustrated by Khoa Le

    Make your child’s Easter basket extra special with this gorgeous retelling of the Easter story. When the Real King arrives in Jerusalem, Little Wind can’t hide his disappointment. Thankfully, Bare Tree is there to show Little Wind a new perspective. Families and readers of all ages will love this beautiful picture book.
    (Ages 3 – 7)

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  • Coloring Book Box Set

    by Katie Henries-Meisner, illustrated by Andre Sibayan

    Introduce your little explorer to the fascinating world of bugs, dinosaurs, and wild animals with this captivating coloring book box set. Packed with 50 illustrations designed for small hands, each book brings 25 incredible creatures to life through coloring fun and awe-inspiring facts. These books engage and educate, making them the perfect gift for curious young minds.
    (Ages 3 – 7)

  • God Gave Us Easter

    by Lisa Tawn Bergren, illustrated by Laura J. Bryant

    If you’re looking for a more spiritual gift for your Easter celebration, this beautiful book will do the trick. In addition to having gorgeous artwork, it helps children understand the significance of Easter and the reason behind the holiday.
    (Ages 3 – 7)

  • It's Not Easy Being a Bunny

    by Mariyln Sadler, illustrated by Roger Bollen

    This charming and humorous book tells the story of P.J. Funnybunny, who is tired of being a rabbit and decides to live like other animals. After trying to be a bird, a skunk, a moose, and a few other critters, he realizes that being a bunny isn’t so bad after all. Kids will also love meeting P.J.’s little sister in Honey Bunny Funnybunny and the newest in the series, Bunny with a Big Heart.
    (Ages 3 – 7)

  • Welcome Flower Child

    by Brigette Barrager

    Spring is the perfect time to learn about your birth flower with this stunning picture book from Uni the Unicorn’s bestselling illustrator, Brigette Barrager. Each flower, like each child, is unique and special. Children will love finding this book in their Easter basket and discovering the meaning behind their birth flower.
    (Ages 3 – 7)

  • Misty the Cloud: The Thing About Spring

    by Dylan Dreyer, illustrated by Rosie Butcher

    Join Misty the Cloud in this leveled reader as she shares how the sun and rain work together to create a vibrant spring. As the days lengthen and temperatures rise, Misty and her friends embrace their role in nurturing growth on Earth during this changing season.
    (Ages 4 – 6)

  • What’s Inside a Flower?

    by Rachel Ignotofsky

    Children that enjoy nonfiction will be thrilled with this gorgeously illustrated book about flowers. From seed to blossom and every stage in between, children will discover how flowers grow, eat, and live.
    (Ages 4 – 7)

  • Easter Puzzles Deluxe

    by Highlights

    My kids love activity books, and I love including one or two in their Easter baskets. Children will find hidden picture puzzles, craft ideas, recipes, and stickers in this holiday-themed book. It’s the perfect way to keep little ones occupied during spring break!
    (Ages 4 – 8)

  • The Spark in You

    by Andrea Pippins

    Celebrate the spark within each of us with this beautifully vibrant and joyful picture book. Young readers will be transported to Carnaval in Brazil as a little girl uses her unique creativity to prepare for the big parade. Pippins’ words and illustrations are filled with as much life and positivity as the spring season.
    (Ages 4 – 8)

  • My Love for You Is Always

    by Gillian Sze, illustrated by Michelle Lee

    Food, family, and love combine into a heartwarming picture book you’ll want to read every night. A mother explains what love is and how it works as she makes a traditional Chinese meal with her child. If you’re looking for a gift to add to your child’s basket that you’ll enjoy for years to come, this is an excellent choice!
    (Ages 4 – 8)

  • Three Hens, a Peacock, and the Enormous Egg

    by Lester L. Laminack, illustrated by Henry Cole

    My kids and I loved Three Hens and a Peacock and we were thrilled to read the sequel. It’s about our favorite barnyard animals finding a giant egg. Each animal speculates and fantasizes about who will hatch from the egg, but they are all in for a massive surprise. Young readers will love this hilarious and heartwarming story!
    (Ages 4 – 8)

  • Grumpy Monkey Spring Fever

    by Suzanne Lang and Max Lang

    When everyone’s favorite grump, Jim Panzee, wakes up feeling very silly, Norman diagnoses him with a bad case of spring fever. Jim tries everything to get his grump back, but, as the other jungle animals soon discover, spring fever is very catching.
    (Ages 4 – 8)

  • Happy Easter from the Crayons

    by Drew Daywalt, illustrated by Oliver Jeffers

    Easter is an excellent time to be a crayon. Still, Purple can’t understand why the colors are decorating the wrong shapes: squares, circles, and triangles, but not eggs. When the Crayons finally decorate a jumbo-sized egg together, they must agree on a place to hide it. Kids who love the off-beat humor of The Day the Crayons Quit will enjoy this holiday title.
    (Ages 4 – 8)

  • When I Talk to God, I Talk About You

    by Chrissy Metz and Bradley Collins, illustrated by Lisa Fields

    What do parents pray for? Throughout the forest, woodland creatures teach their babies about prayer in this beautiful picture book. Its warm illustrations and comforting text will reassure children of the special love their parents hold for them.
    (Ages 4 – 8)

  • Something, Someday

    by Amanda Gorman, illustrated by Christian Robinson

    In this stirring collaboration between Amanda Gorman and Christian Robinson, children are empowered to face the world with confidence and resilience. Through inspiring words and enchanting illustrations, this book celebrates our limitless potential to create a positive impact.
    (Ages 4 – 8)

  • The Egg Book

    by DK

    Take a peek inside the fascinating world of eggs, from chickens to tortoises and everything in between. See how eggs form, what grows inside them, and how the baby animals break through the shell. Kids interested in science, animals, and life cycles will love finding this book in their basket.
    (Ages 5 – 7)

  • The Bee Book

    by Charlotte Milner

    Celebrate the excitement and industriousness of spring by learning more about one of the hardest workers around: the honeybee. This beautifully illustrated book is filled with all kinds of fascinating facts about these busy insects and their very important role in the world.
    (Ages 5 – 8)

  • Knock-Knock Jokes and Silly Stories for Kids

    by May B. Gigglin, illustrated by Jeremy Nguyen, foreword by Toby Price, contributions by Brightly

    This collection of silly stories and laugh-out-loud jokes is the perfect gift for any aspiring comedian! With hundreds of knock-knock jokes, this book will not only tickle your little one’s funny bone but will help them build their reading confidence. That’s a major win-win!
    (Ages 5 – 9)

  • Easter Hidden Pictures Puzzles to Highlight

    by Highlights

    Keep your kids entertained with this excellent screen-free activity book from Highlights! Kids will love hunting through the purple pages and using the included highlighter to find and color hidden objects.
    (Ages 6 – 9)

  • Would You Rather? Easter Edition

    by Lindsey Daly

    It’s challenging to find good basket stuffers for tweens and teens, but this hilarious game book is just the ticket. It’s jam-packed with “would you rather?” questions that make fantastic screen-free entertainment and conversation starters.
    (All ages)

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in 2015 and updated in 2024.

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