Escuchar! 8 Great Spanish Audiobooks for Kids

As a young girl, I spent many summer vacation afternoons with my Abuela, my mother’s mom, in The Bronx, New York. My Abuela cared for me on long, hot days while my parents worked in the city. While she helped my family with our daily home life, I sat quietly with my favorite books if it was too muggy or rainy to go outside to play. I didn’t know how to read yet, and since my Abuela didn’t know how to read much in English, the earliest version of audiobooks became my companions.

I remember pressing ‘play’ on my tiny cassette player, and with each little chime, I knew when to turn the page! Abuela sat with me and admired the beautiful illustrations while we listened. There’s no doubt that these audiobooks helped me learn how to read, even if my Abuela couldn’t read to me from those children’s stories.

Thankfully, more fantastic children’s stories are being published as audiobooks today, and not just in English. Bilingual audiobooks can teach children (and parents or caretakers!) basic Spanish-language skills, or vice versa. For me and many Latino families, publishing audiobooks in English and Spanish can bring generations together through beloved literature and new voices. I hope some of these audiobooks can do that for you and your little listeners!

no no 9780593586105 La oruga muy hambrienta by Eric Carle, read by Diego Santana

La oruga muy hambrienta by Eric Carle is one of the first picture books I remember reading as a kid. If I’d had the Spanish language edition, narrated by Diego Santana, in my library back then, it would have been the audiobook to share with my family—especially my Abuela. This edition includes the read-along chime sounds, which make me feel nostalgic for my cassettes!

9780593586488 De aquí como el coquí by Nomar Perez, read by Almarie Guerra, translated by Farah Perez

This is the perfect listen to share with grandparents, especially if they live far away. Almarie Guerra’s narration brings the author’s experiences moving to the mainland United States from Puerto Rico to life. It reminds me of home in every way, through the colorful descriptions of the protagonist, Miguel’s new life in New York City.

9780593663752 La pequeña locomotora que sí pudo by Watty Piper, read by Cassandra Morris and Cristina Hernández, translated by Alma Flor Ada

Piper’s classic takes listeners on a journey that teaches the importance of asking for help from your community, overcoming obstacles, and believing in yourself, no matter your size. It is a universal message that every kid deserves to hear.

9780593586686 Dragones y tacos by Adam Rubin, read by Rubén Trujillo

The beloved, laugh-out-loud bestselling picture book Dragons Love Tacos is always a hit during family storytime! It’s such a delight that Dragones y tacos, narrated by Rubén Trujillo, is available as an audiobook en Español. Now, everyone can experience the joy and hijinks in multiple languages!

9780593555446 En este banco by Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, read by the author

This book by Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, portrays the beautiful, precious connection between a father and son, told through his mother’s eyes. The Duchess’s narration makes this compassionate, warm story even more special.

9780593631539 Retazos by Matt de la Peña, read by Cynthia de Pando and Mariano Chiesa

Retazos, or Patchwork, by Newbery Medal-winning author Matt de la Peña, is a children’s book in verse, read by Cynthia de Pando and Mariano Chiesa. It is a profound and uplifting story for listeners of all ages, especially those discovering their complexities, and invites them to celebrate their uniqueness!

9780593942574 Un aleteo de esperanza by Cynthia Harmony, read by Victoria Villarreal and Cynthia Harmony

A Flicker of Hope, or Un aleteo de esperanza in Spanish, is a tender-hearted children’s book set in Mexico. In it, a young girl named Lucía waits for her beloved Papá to come home. Every year, Lucía watches the migration of monarch butterflies as they journey north. As Papá joins them for work this summer, Lucía spends her days watching the sky, wishing them all a safe journey back. It is a moving tale of family and the power of nature.

9780593943458 Perla la súper perrita by Isabel Allende, read by Natalia Rosminati and Isabel Allende

From the critically acclaimed, international bestselling author Isabel Allende comes a charming, empowering story about a mighty dog named Perla and her human brother, Nico Rico, who work together to stand up to a bully. Parents and fans of Allende’s works will delight in sharing this story in English and Spanish with their little listeners.

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